Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well my blogging wasn't too sparse the last week or so like I thought it would be. Should be back on track now that I've got graduation tabloids and the fair book done. Phew, I can breathe again.

Friday I had to work late, it took forever to send the fair book. Excited to get it back, it's going to look snazzy! :) The rest of the evening was a calm, relaxing one.

Saturday I cleaned a little, watered my flowers - which I need to take a picture and post before I end up killing them, then went to Mike's mom and dads for fried fish. That evening we headed to the pig roast for yet another fish fry. I was a little fished out so I snacked on frog legs. Nathan came home with us. I was so glad he was in a daze as we went through a check point. This was my first experience with one. I was extremely nervous. I'm sure they thought they had a drunk on their hands until I rolled down the window. Not used to Mike's brakes, ended up hitting them a little too hard in front of the cops. lol I was shocked to see that at 8:30 they already had a few vehicles vacant and the others they were handcuffing the drivers. Glad to know they weren't on the road anymore especially with hauling precious cargo, little Nathan.

Sunday we played with Nathan before heading back to the Pig Roast in Vichy. Had a nice afternoon with everyone there. We left a little earlier than normal for a Pig Roast since Mike's brother was barbecuing chicken at our shed that evening. Played Bocce for the first time, it was very addicting. It's similar to shuffle board, but played on the ground, so that was right up my alley. I love shuffle board.

Monday was a day of relaxation and cleaning up from the weekend. I used the self-oven cleaner for the first time yesterday. I was shocked at how good it worked, guess I shouldn't be too shocked - it did it's job like it's suppose to. I was a little iffy though on using it since mom had bad luck with hers. She went through not one but two ovens when first using the self cleaner on them, which they were both brand new at the time. I wasn't about to get a new stove, but I had a little faith in it. Worked like a charm. Later we went down to Mike's mom and dads where his dad was frying up some fish again. Got to love this time of the year with cooking outdoors!

Had a great fun filled weekend making new memories with family and friends.

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