Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...Didn't get my flowers bought or planted over the weekend so maybe this weekend I will be able to.

...I finally made a hair appointment. It's in couple of weeks. I wish I was more of a procrastinator with stuff like this. I knew she had been gone and her appointments would quickly book up. Oh well.

...Now if I could get on the ball to pick an eye doctor and make an appointment asap! To be honest I've been wearing the same contacts since last July or August. Who does that? Plus the strength doesn't seem to be enough so it looks like I'll be purchasing glasses as well as contacts. I can never seem to make time in the mornings to put my contacts in so through the week I usually just grab my glasses. Kind of excited to get new glasses, I hate the ones I currently have.

...I'm thinking about purchasing some cute rain boots. It never fails with our Pig Roast on Memorial Weekend, it always seems to rain at some point. Now that I will come prepared, it won't rain. Oh well, that works too since the whole thing is outside ALL weekend. A good tradition to kick off the summer!

...With the Pig Roast, I am thinking about opting out of being the pig shooter this year. It's a fast process of getting in, corralling the pig, shooting it between the eyes as quick as you can... but here's the kicker - there is usually about 6 or 7 guys standing around holding gates to corral the pig, watching, and it's on concrete so there is no room for mistakes. I don't like knowing that if I make one wrong not-so-quick move then BAM the bullet ricochets off the concrete and possibly hitting someone. Yikes. Not a good feeling to have hanging over your shoulders.

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  1. Hope you find some cute rain boots, if we are both prepared then it won't rain.
    Oh come on you don't want to be the pig shooter this year.... Blake will be disapointed lol.


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