Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike's game was canceled due to the weather so we went to his grandma's house where his uncles were frying chicken and potatoes. Yum.

Saturday I woke up early and headed back home to help mom and dad get ready for her class reunion. We're very last minute people at getting things done plus the weather from last week didn't help. Finished mowing the yard then helped dad finish setting out mulch. Got in the pool to clean it out after the storms, what better way to cool off while cleaning! ;) Cleaned my house and got ready to head back to St. E. Mike's coed tournament was canceled again so I met up with him at Ms. Kitty's where we visited with my friend Danielle and her mom who stopped in to eat. Chatted it up with some friends at the local community parking lot then called it a night.

Sunday was a day of rest or well relaxation! Laid in the pool about all afternoon.

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