Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Recap/Week Ahead

Saturday I stayed home and laid out in the pool for a couple of hours with Mom. That evening Mike and I headed to Rolla to get some grub and a present for his cousin's Bridal Shower.

Sunday we headed to Chad's house for Father's Day. Boy was it a hot one. My cousin Tony had brought a sno cone machine he rented for a previous event so we were able to cool off with sno cones. Todd BBQ pork steaks, hot dogs and bratwursts while everyone else brought side dishes. Despite the heat we had a nice visit. Afterwards Mike and I headed to his parent's house. Mike had to rake hay so his brother, Randy could grill pork chops. Came back home to watched Army Wives and called it a night.

This week...
Tonight I'm picking up my dress for the wedding. Very last minute but hey at least it's done before Saturday. I love the dress just not looking forward to wearing it Saturday with the weather being HOT and HUMID.

Wednesday is my Friday at work. Looking forward to the time off!

Thursday I plan to get all my stuff done around the house, possibly hand wash my car, tan and I'm sure I will squeeze in some pool time.

Friday I hope to wake up early to run to Rolla to tan once again then head to Brinktown to help decorate. Then rehearsal!

Saturday - BIG day! Helton/Otto Wedding!!!

Sunday - REST REST REST and possibly going to a bridal shower in Jeff for Mike's cousin.

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