Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soap Junkie

I've been a soap junkie since I was a little girl. Mom always watched them from time to time and my grandma Dodie couldn't miss an episode of every soap on during the day which consisted of about 4 or 5 soaps. I'm not that much of a soap junkie but I do DVR the Young & the Restless and The Bold & the Beautiful. Just as soon as I think to myself okay this is retarded, I need to quit watching this ridiculous cycle of dead-alive-dead-alive again followed by the constant day-to-day drama. But I always get suckered right back into it.

What little girl is going to name her Ken barbie doll, Victor Newman? Well that was me! To this day I still have that Ken doll, of course it's in the attic with the rest of my barbie stuff. Which I do have to say it does resemble Victor Newman. Guess that's what happens when you grow up watching it all the time. Not to mention my favorite actor was William Shatner off of Rescue 911. Yes William Shatner! We even have it on video from a little mister and miss pageant I was in at the Ozark Extravaganza as proof.

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  1. That is funny. Well I used to have to watch them with my grandma but most days she would record them unless it was a day when something big was going to happen.
    I still can't believe you named your Ken doll that.
    Well your post killed 2 minutes of my boring afternoon :)


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