Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Recap

Friday I met Mike in town. Picked up his brother's truck and headed down to his friend's family farm where they were all helping haul hay.

Saturday morning I got up and headed home to meet my brothers in Vichy so I could shoot the pig for our annual Pig Roast. Last year my brother, Todd thought I was too scared/nervous and didn't want to shoot it so at the last minute he took the gun from me and shot it. Well I wasn't about to let that happen this year, although I was very nervous as they like it to be a fast process to get in, kill the pig and leave to go get it ready to cook. Or at least it seems to me like a fast process. Plus there was about five different pairs of feet right next to the pig. So one miss could of been someone's toes. Luckily I did good and got it with one shot between the eyes. Didn't realize how it made me so nervous until afterwards my legs were trembling at the thought of possibly shooting some toes off if I missed or having it ricochet off the concrete. It was quite the adrenaline rush. After watching the nasty process of scalding the pig so they can scrap the hair off and gutting it I headed home and took little Nathan with me. That evening Nathan and I headed back over to the Pig Roast for the fish fry. Mike had came later on after planting beans at his farm. Stayed late and headed back home and watched Nathan over night while his mom and dad camped out at the lake where the Pig Roast was. He slept good through the night. I was awake at every little sound he made, I think it's just the thought of it being someone else's kid and taking extra caution. I think the last time I woke up with a baby over night was when we watched Ashlyne, who is now 13 years old!

Sunday got ready, made my Dorito Salad and we headed to the Pig Roast. It was a nice afternoon and not too hot or humid. It always rains at some point and time when we have our Pig Roast every memorial weekend. Thought it wouldn't rain but sure enough it poured for about five minutes. Luckily it was later in the day and after everyone had ate. Had a nice time visiting with everyone.
Pictures to come in another post.

Monday Mike and I headed to St. E. Took the four wheeler for a ride where we were going to meet up with a group of four wheelers but ended up having to help his dad in the field. Had to disked the field so Frankie (Mike's dad) could plant the beans. We had it made using his uncle Junior's cab tractor. Air conditioning with a radio, now that's what I call farming! I ended up doing about 10 rows. It was actually a lot easier to work the tractor than I thought it would be. Made for a long day and riding on the side for almost five hours left me with a sore bottom today.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend!!

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