Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo dump

I'm finding it harder than I thought to get back into the groove of blogging.

Figured I would start with a few misc. gifts we received from our wedding and a couple from Christmas. Nothing to exciting, but hey at least it's a start on my part....

An old window sign made by one of my distant cousins on my dads side, given to us as a wedding present. 

Another distant cousin on my dad's side of the family made this for our wedding, its a tile. 

My Aunt, Katie painted this for us. 

Little dark. Sign is from a former co-worker, dad built the frame for the wedding out of old wood, and a friend (Shelley) gave us the 'love' blocks as a wedding shower gift. Planning to make the wedding picture into a canvas. I think it would stand out more and a little bigger in this spot. 

Fridge is full of Christmas cards/pictures.

Mike's gator he got for Christmas from his in-laws. Not exactly the gator he was hoping for. :) 
Originally this table was made to be by our front door. It was just too big for such a small space. I think it works perfect here. I love the old wood! Still need to get bigger picture frames and more of a variety for the table. A Christmas present my brother's made for us. White Bible on the bottom is a wedding gift from a former Spring Creek Baptist Church member, Sally and the cross lying on top is another wedding present from a distant cousin of Mike's on the Holtmeyer side. 

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