Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Ramblings

...As the weeks go by, I am finding it even harder to blog. Evenings always seem to go by way too fast.

...Over the weekend, we watched Blake and Nathan. They came to help unload baby turkeys (around 14,000). I knew Blake would help out but wasn't too sure with Nathan. Figured he would just want to stay aside and watch. To my surprise, he got right in there and helped just as much as Blake and I did. Also made sure he kept real quiet just like Jr. told them to. Both boys were very excited to earn $3 each for their hard work. Had a good weekend with the Allen boys!

...Finally got our house loan switched to another bank. So wished we would have done that much sooner, their going to save us a lot of money!

...Hard to believe today is the last day of January. This year is flying by so far, won't be long and it will be time to gain a sister-in-law!!

...Work is still going great. I made FB this week. I was shocked a lady took the time to write a huge paragraph on how she was pleased with how patient and polite I was with her. Sure my made day,  especially after just getting off the phone with a very hateful customer.

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