Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

After work, Mike and I met up with some friends in Meta then headed to Jeff to eat dinner at Coltons. We had a lot of fun catching up and ended up being the last table to leave.

Mom met me at the house and we headed to Jeff. Did some light shopping and ate lunch at Chilis. Ended up purchasing a countertop from Menards that they had in stock to bring home to see if we would even like it along with a tile sample. I love it! Plus its way cheaper than what we originally picked out. So we may go ahead and update the kitchen very soon. Something we've planned to do since we bought the house just never had the time nor the money to do so. Now that I am saving money with gas, it frees us up to go ahead with the process. :) Not to mention, our sink needs replaced very soon. It has some major cracks on the bottom of it. Makes me nervous every time I fill it up with water, that its going to crack the rest of the way through.

That evening Mike was suppose to bowl in a tournament. One of the lanes at the bowling alley was messed up so they had to cancel his team. So most of the team and their families ended up coming over to our shed to eat and play cards. I think 10 hand pitch has became my all time favorite game!

Slept in. Ate dinner at the in-laws then spent the rest of the day doing some much needed deep cleaning around the house. Changed the sheets on the bed and saw a quilt we received for our wedding in the closet. I had completely forgot about it, so on the bed it went. My dad's cousin made it for us and personalized it. I wish I was that talented.

On a side note: I discovered my computer has a place for memory cards to be inserted. Yay! Funny it has that, since Apple felt the need it didn't need a place to insert a CD/DVD. 


  1. I love the quilt!! I hadn't seen it spread out, only the colors on the side and your name and anniversary date on it.
    You might need to take a picture of it and send to Bette Jo. She is so thoughtful!!

  2. I had never seen the quilt spread out before. It is so pretty. All I had seen was the names, date of wedding and the border before. Just that portion doesn't do the quilt justice.
    Bette Jo did such a good job on it and she is so kind and thoughtful. Still can't believe that three days after the wedding, she sent me (and later I learned you and Mike, too) an album with pictures from the wedding and reception. It was such a nice surprise.
    We really lucked out with the having such good relatives in the Elrod family.

  3. Whoops!! I went in the other day and didn't see my comment so I figured me (the blonde....) forgot to push submit.
    Guess I wasn't patient enough.

  4. Whoops! I noticed the other day my comment wasn't on your blog. So, I figured (me being the blonde that I am.....) forgot to push submit. Guess I need to be more patient.

  5. AND, you need to blog more often!!!!
    Your Momma said so!


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