Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...This is going to be ONE busy weekend. Friday I am meeting up with the girls for our annual Christmas exchange then we'll probably go to the pub. Saturday I'm going dress shopping in Columbia for Danielle's wedding. Sunday I'm fixing white chile at my house for Chad's birthday.

...Wish I had Georgetown Cupcakes at my wedding. :) I did find my cake already, now just need to find the right person to make it.

...Wedding hint: Navy blue is the main color!

...Thanks to an awesome friend I was able to buy all of her flowers. I may still buy more depending on what all I decide for table arrangements, but for now the flowers for the hall are complete! A big sigh of relief.

...I think I need to buy a snuggy for here at work. lol I am always sooo cold and it stinks after awhile of constantly heating up my corn bag to stay warm.

...Speaking of cold. This is day #2 waking up in a cold house. Our thermostat was outdated and decided to quit for good. So we got a new thermostat and today we're getting a new safety switch or something like that which also broke. Looking forward to a nice warm house tonight, especially since I'm watching Jake tonight so we better have some heat! 59˚ in the house isn't cutting it in this weather.

...Starting to think I am NUTS for having my wedding literally three weeks after Danielle's wedding. It was the only weekend available until late November or December and I wasn't about to have a middle of the summer wedding. I hate to sweat!

...Can't wait for Kohls to open here in Rolla! Slowly getting closer to being done. We heard IHop is trying to get the bid where Dennys was at (they already tore the building down this week). Also rumors of Five Guys and a Culvers coming in the near future. Weird Rolla can get all these new restaurants and yet we still can't get a Target. :(


  1. -I brought a blanket and fingerless gloves to work today. It's FREEZING at my work too. UGH! I drink SO much hot tea that I have to go to the bathroom like every 20 minutes!!!

    -Do you know when Kohls opens?

    -A shopping mall would be nice in Rolla too : )

  2. Thanks on the rolla updates!! I had no idea about the kohls. pretty pumped about 5 guys.

  3. I think Kohls is opening after Christmas, may January or early February. Too bad its not open now!

  4. Dana - I may just have to bring in a blanket tomorrow. :)

  5. ROLLA does need a TARGET i have been saying that FOREVER!!


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