Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Allen boys

Nathan helping me clean. He even took the laundry basket all the way into the laundry room from my bedroom. When I came in there he was grunting trying to put it on top of the washer like I do. lol

Nathan wasn't into the whole picture taking, so no smiling from him.

This one cracks me up. Nathan was NOT happy that I gave the tractor to big brother for a picture.

Thought maybe just maybe this would make him smile since he wanted to touch those glittery trees since he walked in the door. Still no smile from Nathan, just wanted to get glitter all over himself. Stinker!

Love this picture of Blake.

What a face.

There's a smile, but he's not looking at the camera! lol


  1. I love all of them but really like the last one looks like Nathan has something up his sleeve to do to his big brother.

    He is quite the little helper at home.

  2. Just now had the chance to really look at blog posts. I missed this one last week.
    Those are some great pictures and memories to keep.
    Looks like they had a good time.


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