Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I met Shelley after work to pick up Blake and Nathan. Nathan always cries at first, but this time he was okay with it. Blake fell asleep before we even got to Vienna and surprisingly Nathan was wide awake and wound up jabbering the whole way. So we enjoyed all the Christmas lights along the way. Mike had to bowl so I got to spoil the boys all evening. I tried and tried to get Nathan to say April, he would grin or giggle each time and say "no Mike". Little stinker!

Mike had to help with the cows which was too involved for Blake to tag along so we stayed in and watched cartoons. Later we took the boys to Mike's mom and dads. Surprisingly Nathan remembered Laverne, said hi and went straight for the toys. Before he was too bashful to even get down from Mike or I. Went for a short 4-wheeler ride to checked the cows then went to a neighbors house where Mike's dad was frying. The boys loved the fried biscuits. Nathan was almost asleep by then so we came back home while Blake went with Mike and Randy to fix fence and of course you can come all the way to St. E without seeing the turkeys! Later mom and dad came to pick up the boys. That evening Mike and I headed to Vienna to meet Danielle and Brad at the Eagles to eat where her mom and dad joined us. It was packed! Mike's sister, Lisa ended up being their along with her boyfriend and his family. All of us were shocked to see each other there.

I headed with Mike to his grandmas before heading to church. When we got to church, I was starting to panic inside. Every time I go there the church seems so big and a little intimidating. Well this time, the church had some how shrunk! lol So I was starting to panic wondering if we could get everyone in there for the wedding. I was also thinking back and forth whether to convert or not, to becoming Catholic. I HATE being center of anything so if I have to do anything up front, I would almost rather not do that. I know it's stupid and I need to get over it especially something that is really so little. Just preparing for the attention on our wedding day is enough for me. I know it's not something I have to do or have to do before the wedding. I could almost break out in hives right now just thinking about it. Eeek! The religion itself it a little different than what I am used to, but in reality not so much. Still the same God so that's what is most important. One thing I love is their church really is a sanctuary and treated like one, where as most churches the kids run wild and lots of gossiping is being done (which I am very guilty of doing myself! :) No one gossips in a Catholic church (or not that I've seen so far lol) and you can hear a pin drop from across the church it's so quiet or in yesterday's case hearing a little boy ask his mommy very quietly if it would hurt if he pulled her earrings out. lol It was hard not to bust out laughing. After church Mike and I headed to Jeff to do some Christmas shopping and ate lunch at Applebees since we had a gift card from TWO years ago. Christmas shopping is almost complete, didn't find a few things which I plan to pick up this week.


  1. No one gossips, because no one talks!! He He! They wait till they get outside.

  2. I was going to say the same thing Courtney said! They're just as bad, if not worse. They just aren't so obvious! lol


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