Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Just a heads up, I am flying solo this week at work so this will probably be my last post for the next two weeks since next week will be crazy with holiday deadlines.

Mike and I went to Kittys to eat supper and stayed til about 10. It wasn't very packed like the years before on deer season eve. Mike ended up getting sick from the food and I did as well the next day. So we won't be eating there for a LONG time, not to mention it didn't taste the greatest either (may be why we got sick lol).

Did some cleaning and went hunting with Mike that evening. We saw one doe that evening which Mike shot at 3 times and MISSED. He should of let me shoot, I don't think I could have done any worse. lol But I have to give him some credit, it was very windy and it wasn't pretty far away.

Ate chicken at Mike's mom and dads for dinner. Went back out hunting once again. Didn't see a thing, but heard at least 10 shots all around us. Was hoping that luck would have came our way. I was wanting to shoot a doe! Yea, a nice rack would be nice but lets face it, the doe's meat taste much much better. :)

Week Ahead...
Monday - May go watch Mike bowl depending on work.

Tuesday - Staying with mom and dad

Wednesday - Staying with mom and dad

Thursday - Staying with mom and dad. Seeing a pattern? I think I will be homesick by the third day, but I will be working late most likely so it just doesn't justify driving an hour verses 12 minutes to just go home and sleep to come right back to work.

Friday - Home at last. :) Probably will just stay home unless something comes up.

Saturday - Shopping with mom in Springfield. Mike's aunts, cousins, mom, sister and baby Madison will all be up there the same day. I'm sure we will be bound to run into them somewhere. Hoping to purchase a nice big tree.

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