Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

Had a little time this morning so I took advantage to blog a little before getting seven papers out to press today. Going to be a long day so hopefully it goes by fast!

...Last weekend I bought my Christmas tree and ended up putting it up that night. I wanted a big tree, well I got one - it's a 7.5 footer! Would have went bigger if my ceiling would allow it. :) It's almost done just wanting to find a pretty brown ribbon to wrap around it along with a few green ornaments to tie it all in. Found some awesome glitter branches at Gordmans with peacock feathers as my tree topper. I love it! My favorite store for home decor!

...Mom and I ended up running into Mike's family in Springfield twice. lol We had planned to eat lunch together but all of us were too busy shopping and let time get the better half of us.

...Going to do a little shopping again this weekend with mom at the Lake. I think I'm more excited to eat at the Mexican Restaurant there.

...So glad today is my Friday! :) I wish I didn't have to use a paid personal day for Friday, but that's how it is with almost all jobs. Too bad every week wasn't a three day work week, I could get used to this!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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