Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I'll start with Wednesday night of the long Thanksgiving weekend and you'll see why! :) On my way home from work I got a call from one of my besties wanting me to be in her wedding! Yay! So I can now let the cat out of the bag with the engagement of Danielle and Brad. Wedding is going to be August 18th, cannot wait! That was the highlight of my night.

Such a beautiful day for Thanksgiving. Mike and I headed to my grandma and grandpa's Thanksgiving dinner. It's so hard to get the whole family there at one time, so it wasn't even half of us. So grateful for the life of my grandparents with their health and capability to still be able to prepare a big meal for their family. Grandma always out does herself. That afternoon we headed to Mike's aunt Diane's house for Thanksgiving. We ended up staying later than normal so I got to spoil little Miss Madison while everyone cleaned up, which also got me out of cleaning! :) Came home and watched some tv, pretty much played lazy since we were both stuffed from two big dinners. I was just about to fall asleep when Mike came in with a box and popped the question. It was dark so I thought he was joking at first until the light came on. So I was very surprised. No wonder he was a little quiet all day which is exactly what he does when he is nervous. lol

My head was spinning with ideas, etc. so I got very little sleep. I think all my friends knew by 7:30. lol I was a little antsy on getting the word out. Probably a good thing since the future father-in-law told everyone in site by 10 that morning. I think he was just a little excited! I had called my grandma and grandpa to tell them before anyone else got the news to them (since it was already out on facebook with people commenting on my wall! lol Got to love facebook). Grandma said I made her day which after the week they had, I was happy to bring some joy into their life. I also got a dress appointment booked for the 17th of December. Crossing my fingers I will just need that one day to find the dress. Jake came over for a little bit while Steve was helping Randy and Mike. I had to get on to him for touching the tree and ornaments. Later he said he wasn't touching it just petting it. lol Little stinker! That evening I wasn't too hungry but Mike was so he was brave to attempt food at Kittys. We barely got in the door and his dad was in there eating peanuts telling everyone to look at what was holding down my finger. Afterwards we went to Mike's parents house so his mom could see the ring on my finger. (She's already seen it and knew for quite some time along with his sister, Lisa and grandma) So we talked wedding stuff a little. Then headed to a wedding reception in town for a little bit.

Mom came over so we could do some Christmas shopping at the lake. We stopped at Tuscumbia so mom could show me where her step-grandma used to live at. Ate at the Mexican restaurant across from the outlet. Can't remember the name, but it's my favorite. lol I love getting their spinach and chicken chimi! We always end up picking a raining day when shopping at the lake. Almost never fails. I was able to find ribbon for my Christmas tree to finish it up. That evening we went up town for the annual Christmas celebration or whatever it's called. They always have the antique store open with a band playing inside. Free hotdogs, brats, popcorn, hot wine (yuck - doesn't even sound good) and hot apple cider. Live nativity scene and a wagon ride which the weather canceled that part. The bank also opened it's door and provided free mix drinks. lol I thought that was odd. It was extremely cold so we didn't stay too long.

I headed to a friend, Kristina's house to help paint around 10. I did NOT dress for it. I dressed warm but not warm enough since I was unaware we would be outside in her shed painting. lol At least she bought to large heaters on black Friday so once they were put together it wasn't as bad. Ended up staying until about 3 or so. Lindsay was there so she supplied me with several bridal magazines which has been passed through many people. Came home to Randy grilling pork tenderloin so I didn't have to worry about supper. Made my night so I could get caught up on laundry.

Sorry if this weekend is mostly about wedding talk, etc. It's already consuming my life! So just a warning it will probably consume almost all my posts from now until wedding.


  1. Bring on the wedding ideas! Can't wait to see what creative things you come up with :)

  2. I am with Sarah!! The more wedding ideas & plans the better. i love seeing all the creative stuff. from what I have seen you pin on pinterest lately you have great taste & I am sure it will be beautiful.

  3. Thank you! I'm finding no time for work, pinning has takin' over my life! :)

  4. VISTA GRANDE my FAVE!!! love the chimis YUMMO and bring on the wedding planning someday HOPEFULLY i can consume mine with wedding plans....


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