Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We got Kittys for supper and stayed in.

Mike had to work again. I think he's getting tired of working so much right now getting ready for a new building while it's so nice out, but at least he has overtime to look forward to. I slept in and cleaned around the house some. It was a very unproductive Saturday morning. That evening we got ready and headed to the wedding reception. Had another nice evening with my Vienna friends.

Mike and I finally got around to trimming our middle bush along the side of the house. It was literally taller than the house, no exaggeration. I had trimmed the other two last spring and couldn't get the middle one finished because our clippers (and I) wasn't strong enough. So at the time it started to get dry/hot out so I figured we will just deal with it until Fall so it won't die. So now you can tell there is TWO windows on that side of the house. lol Around noon we met up with Mike's uncle, his friend Dale, wife Trinda and daughter Tabi to headed to St. Anthony's Fall dinner. It turned out to be the perfect day for it. Came home to plant a few tulip bulbs, trimmed another bush and found a $1 under the leaves. It's the little things that excite me. Fried up some cube steak for supper and ended it with the Housewives of New Jersey.

Sunday seems like a great day in my post, but it turned out to be a very sad day. Later I had learned about the passing of an infant. I don't know the parents that well, but it's a small community so you still know everyone. My hearts breaks for the couple and their little girl who just lost a precious baby boy/brother. Very sad.


  1. I have only watched 1/2 of the reunion this morning. But man. I used to like Teresa but now I cant stand her. So sad to see all the pettyness, but I cant stop watching!

  2. I can't either, Courtney. I am addicted! I'm starting to think Danielle looks like a saint compared to Teresa. That's saying a lot!

  3. Ya, what has happened to Teresa? I used to like her. I guess the fame has gone to her head. I love Caroline!


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