Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...This weekend we have a wedding reception for a girl I went to school with and we share a birthday together! :)

...Lately I've been straightening the bottom part of my hair then slightly curling the top part with the flat iron. Sure beats spending the extra time to straighten it and doesn't look too bad. I think I may invest in a new curling iron like the one a fellow blogger posted recently. Looks like it would work better - plus no more burning of the fingers from the flat iron.

...My huge mum I bought last week is already starting to die!!! Any suggestions? I've started watering it here and there but at the same time trying not to over water it as well. Hoping it will snap out of it.

...Mike's mom exchanged my camera for me. Hopefully (knock on wood) this lens doesn't do the same thing. Ugh.

...Last week I was sick on Monday and this past Monday I took off, so these three day weekends has been spoiling me!

...Just found out this morning a friend is pregnant! :) Also a girl I work with announced she is pregnant this morning as well. AND Mike's friend, Robby and his wife just had their baby girl, Olivia. A lot of baby news in just one day. lol

...I think from now on I need to start using 2lbs of meat instead of 1 for meatloaf. By the time Mike eats his share and has some for lunch there is NONE left over. That is one item of food, I would love to eat again a day or two later.

...Corrie, a girl I work with is going to the CARDINALS game tonight. So jealous! She was also there last week to witness the famous squirrel. lol

...Here's a fact for the day if you didn't already know this (I sure didn't): Hawaii is moving forward to Japan of the rate of almost 4 inches per year. Came from my Snapple Peach Tea. Which I am now addicted to!

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  1. Cool fact!!!

    I am craving meatloaf. This weather is perfect for it!!

    One of my mums isn't doing so good either?! I water it, but it still looks like crap! I need tips too! Lol

    u should post a pic of ur hair!!!


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