Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...We have the Allen boys again this weekend. I'm a little excited about this because... we get to try out the OCTOPUS sprinkler! lol Hope it works. Blake also gets to help Mike in the field. Not sure who's more excited, Mike or Blake?

...I'm finally getting used to my hair, but I still miss it being long. :( Although with what humidity we've already had, it sure feels good not to have a blanket of hair around your body. :) Pictures to come soon, I promise!

...Two years ago my neck started bothering me again from an accident I had as a child. If you haven't read that story, you can click here. So I had to make the dreaded trip back to the chiropractor after years of not seeing one since the accident. So glad I found a good chiropractor here in Rolla that I can trust, Dr. Heitman. At that time, he took an x-ray and it showed my neck out of alignment at the base of my SKULL. It looked disgusting and looked like my neck was barely attached. He was able to fix me right up after several monthly adjustments. Well I've been neglecting my monthly appointments for quite some time now. Just been too busy with work, then would forget when I did have time to make an appointment. I know it's a poor excuse. Well the past few weeks my left shoulder blade-middle of my back has been hurting very bad on a daily basis. It feels sort of like a pulled muscle, but not really - it was worse. Hard to explain it exactly. The only way it got better was when it would eventually pop on it's own up by the base of my neck. I was a little afraid I let my appointments go too long resulting in more damage. So glad he was able to fix me up and it wasn't related to my neck injury. I'm making myself get back into my monthly appointments. It's not like it's that difficult to go. I can just go on my lunch and I'm usually in and out within 10-15 minutes. Piece of cake!

...I got my week off in June approved. So excited! It couldn't come fast enough. Planning on a Cardinals game, possible shopping trip with mom, "late" spring cleaning, and possibly a winery trip or two. Counting down the days... 16!

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  1. I not sure who is more excited about farming either. Very glad they are both excited about it and I hope your sprinkler works good and that the boys love it.
    Yay for getting your week off! I am planning a trip to the zoo with Blake and six flags sometime this month. Just need to pick the days. Hope you have fun at the wineries that's something I have never done.


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