Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burst my own bubble

Isn't she a beaut? I am obsessed with this model and look at those wheels. Makes my mouth water. :) Knew it would cost a lot, but I was still curious to a more round-about figure. If there was a way I could get that price knocked down by a LOT then I would be a new owner of an Edge Sport. Nothing like bursting your own bubble. Darn the luck. Everyone needs to stop buying Edges so they will go back down in price like when I bought mine in 2007. Please and thank you! :) At least my car is still running good as new since the day I bought it. Knock on wood.


  1. I love driving your Edge. Your Dad wants me to get one, too. BUT, I don't like the prices.

  2. I've heard they're exspensive. They look so sharp though!


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