Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

...I think after having the house oh close to six months it's time to get the touch ups FINISHED! Long overdue. Plan to work on that during my time off.

...Well guess what?? I'M GETTING AN EDGE!!!!
You ask how? Well you see, I AM going to win the 2011 Ford Mustang they are giving away at the Rolla Carnival and trade it in for my dream Edge. ;)

...My favorite song the past few months has been Dirt Road by Jason Aldean. Blake was a little uneasy to learn his April had a new favorite song that even beat our song, Big Green Tractor. After reassuring him it was sang by the same guy, he was okay with it. :)

...I usually don't buy sweets, but I came across Sandies cashew shortbread cookies and thought I would try them. I prefer soft cookies so I was a little unsure if I would like these since they were a little hard. Well I love cashews so I gave it a shot. The taste over powers the hard cookie. :) LOVE em'!

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  1. Hmm Blake hadn't told me that you two had a new song.... I will have to ask him about it tonight.
    Those cookies sound pretty good.
    I thought I was going to win the mustang and trade it for a challenger :)


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