Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday Mike had to bowl in the late shift so I just stayed home. Watched a few movies and went to bed early. Gee I sound like an old person, don't I? Well it satisfied me, so that's all that counts in my book.

Saturday I had planned to sleep in. That idea went out the window, in fact I've not slept late at all since we moved into the house. I usually get up about 7 or 8, unless you count the days I've been able to sleep until 9 or 9:30 as sleeping late? Got a lot of deep cleaning down around the house and I've found I strongly dislike cleaning walk-in showers. It's a pain to get the glass clean clean. That afternoon Mike and I had planned to take the four-wheeler out to play in the mud. Those plans quickly changed as it began to sprinkle followed shortly after with a huge down pour! So we browsed the gravel roads just to kill time and to enjoy the scenery. That evening we headed to Kitty's to eat supper. I ended up going ahead and walking home since Mike was busy visiting with the guys, both old and young. It only took me 2 minutes at the most to get home! I could have took the truck, but it was a nice clear night so I enjoyed it. Again I went to bed early! This half way to 50 age must be kicking in (ha) - not really, but it does sound like a good excuse to me for going to bed early! ;)

Sunday I woke up early, had time to watch a movie and then got ready for church. I have a confession... I haven't been to church since right before we got the house. I know, I know there really is no excuse! I need to make a better habit of this. After the church service they had a chicken dinner. I love church dinners! The food is always so delicious. When we were done eating mom and I headed to the lake to do some minor shopping. I did manage to find a mirror for Mike's bathroom for $29 and a few other items for the house!

New mirror. Ignore the areas where we still need to do some major touching up with paint after my dad had to relocate the plug in.

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  1. I never stay up later anymore either! I love nights that I don't have to go anywhere :)


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