Friday, February 18, 2011

Word of the day

Dipwad [dip-wah-d]
1. lacking good judgement or intelligence.
2. Slow to understand

Used in a sentence:
Barbara Jean you're a dipwad, you can't use a coffee filter to hold spinach juice from leaking onto your potatoes and meat.

*This word was NOT copied out the of dictionary. It's not a real word, hence a made up word used by two people. Both mom and I use this word a lot - mostly to each other! ;)

Sad to say, but Barbara Jean (aka my lovely mother) did try this last summer. Both dad and I watched her as she was putting spinach onto her plate on a coffee filter. Finally after moments of silence and look of confusion from both my dad and I. I asked her what was she doing.

Mom, what are you trying to do?

Well the spinach juice always runs into the rest of my food. See this way I can stop it. You guys are just jealous you didn't think of this idea.

Uh, you're using a coffee filter?

Yea, I thought it would stop the juice. It's not working as good as I had planned though.

Mom! It's a coffee filter! - said with a snicker.
(At this point, dad's face is beat red trying to keep from laughing)

Yea, it works for coffee so it should work for the spinach juice too.

Both dad and I couldn't hold it in any longer, the laughter began...

.... still laughing

Mom! It's a coffee filter! How do you think the water drains through it to make coffee!
(again still laughing)

Oh (with a chuckle), I guess you're right.

Now we're all laughing at her dipwad moment. :)


  1. Good one April aka Reba!!
    I am literally lol, (laughing out loud, another Connie screw up when she though lol meant, Lots of Love). I needed a good laugh and you for sure gave me a good way to start off the day!!!
    LOL (Lots of Love, Mom)

  2. LOL to funny!!! All that was missing is you should have had Blake there I am sure he would have gave a strange look and response :)


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