Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I took the day off from work so I headed to Jeff to do a little shopping. Found two shirts for work, but still NO PURSE. That evening friends met up with us at our house to head to the concert for Jason Aldean. We had plenty of time to eat supper so we stopped at Coltons Steakhouse. We was told the wait would be 15 minutes so that wasn't bad. Well it ended up being about 30-40 with another 20 minutes of waiting on the food, therefore, leaving with us with about 5 minutes to scarf our food down. Never ate so fast in my life! To our surprise it didn't make any difference on the time. We would have been to the concert on time if it wasn't for the traffic! We waited a little over an hour in traffic in just a mile stretch. So we, along with everyone else stuck in traffic missed an hour + of the concert. Both Eric Church and Jason Aldean put on a good concert so it was well worth the wait.

Saturday was a lazy day for me. Tried a new recipe for lunch, which turned out very good. Recipe to come in another post. That evening we went to the bowling alley where Mike had to bowl in a tournament.

Sunday I headed to Vienna to meet my mom. We watched a scrimmage game that my cousin, Ashlyne was playing in. Which by the way they won. :) I was very shocked at how the other team's coach treated their players because they were losing. It was horrible and I was embarrassed for their team. It just a game and winning isn't everything. Later mom and I went to a birthday party for my cousin's little girl, Kieren. That evening mom made Sunday dinner consisting of homemade chicken pot pie. Headed home, did some laundry and went to bed early.

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