Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I came home to my driveway and walk way cleaned off thanks to a great neighbor and a freezer full of meat. Mike and I just stayed in and watched movies since Saturday he would be bowling in a tournament about all day and evening.

Saturday Mike went to bowl, so I spent the morning cleaning the house and doing laundry. I was so spoiled with my washer at dryer at mom's house. It held double what mine does now. Very hard to get used to smaller loads. Finished spray painting the last of the knobs, hopefully that is the last of the GOLD. Plus I plan to clean my garage tonight so I can have it back. It's so nice to have a garage and not have to worry about starting your car in the mornings. Later I got ready and headed to the bowling alley to watch Mike bowl again that evening.

Sunday we went to Mike's mom and dads for dinner. Spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy until my mom showed up with my cousin Ashlyne. They brought over the rest of my dishes. I should have taken a picture of the cleaning process before I put them in my hutch. It completely covered all of my counter space. I told Mike we needed a bigger house just for my antique dishes. :) Just kidding of course! I think now mom believes me when I've been telling her I have way too many DISHES! They were my grandma Elrod's pride and joy. Wish I wasn't such a clean freak, otherwise I would clutter the tops of my cabinets with them. Cooked steak that we received on Friday, fried potatoes and cooked peas. I didn't really care a whole lot for the steak, but Mike loved it.

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