Monday, January 24, 2011

Antique Hutch

I'm finally getting around to posting about my antique hutch like I promised. Have I mentioned how I love this thing?

I have admired this piece of furniture for a couple of years at the restaurant I used to work at, known as Connie's Restaurant in Vienna. I absolutely loved working there and I think if Albert (co-owner with his wife Connie, and he was my mom's first cousin) was still alive, I would still be working there some Saturday mornings. I always had fun and loved everyone I worked with and the customers. I have to say that is the ONLY job I've had that I can honestly say I loved my job. Having cash on hand at all times was a plus too! :) I worked there for almost five years. After Albert died of a heart attack, it just wasn't the same. It became too much for his wife, Connie to keep up with so she sold it. The new owners were great, but again it just wasn't the same. You could always tell something was missing... Albert, Connie and their daughter, Nicole. Thanks to one of my co-workers, Sarah (or little white girl, as Albert used to call us) she helped me get to know my distant relatives in a way I could have never done without her.

Now getting on to the hutch... When Connie sold the restaurant, she kept some of her antiques including the two hutch's that was there. A few months later after work I came home one night to this hutch in my basement. I was completely shocked! Wasn't sure if I was shocked at the fact this beaut was actually mine or that my parents could actually surprise me. Either way I am so thankful this is in my possession and now it's part of my new house and life.


  1. You just made my day, April!!! I am glad you got to know your relatives better - and glad I helped you with that : )

    I loved working there too... we had so much fun... and SO many good memories!!!! Miss that place!!!

  2. Ps. I love the hutch by the way!! I bet it looks great in your new house!! : )

  3. Glad I could make your day. :)
    I miss our weekly chats!

  4. I think you may need some more current pictures in the frame on the hutch lol. Nathan will wonder if you like him or not :)
    The hutch is very pretty and I bet the dishes inside are too!

  5. I know, I think those pictures are about 3 years old of Blake. lol

  6. Wow! That is a really nice piece of furniture! And what a neat story!

  7. I was so excited when Connie called me that winter and told me she changed her mind and I still wanted to buy the cabinet for you, I could. It was a SUPER cold winter day when we picked it up. We couldn't wait for you to get home and see it. Albert would be so proud you have it and take such good care of it.

  8. Very nice April! I cant wait to see your house :)


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