Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Weekend Recap

Mike and I got up early and started getting everything ready to go for yet another day filled with painting and cleaning. Dad brought over a guy he works with to help us paint as well. Those two combined sure got a lot done in a short amount of time. Mom had came over early as well. Due to the weather, the power went out at their house so she had to bring everything over to make lasagna for us at my house. Made my house smell good and the paint smell gone for a short while! I was so happy we were able to get our cable hooked up on Friday as well for the weekend. The guy that hooked the DishTV up for us is actually a previous homeowner (2nd homeowner, I believe). It was nice to hear his stories of the house, their paint colors they used, and how the house used to look. Thanks to him and his wife for a major overhaul on updating the house when they had it. That evening Mike and I got ready to head to his friends' house to bring in the new year. The guys played cards while the girls chatted and played with the kiddos.


Spent the day painting, again!


More painting. Both my brothers came over along with my mom and dad to help us paint the doors. Dad had recently bought a paint sprayer to use on his garage this spring. It worked so much better spraying our doors then to do them all by hand in Mike's shed. I got to spray four of the doors, it was actually fun and only took me about 5-10 minutes. Later I decide to clean my carpets with mom's shampooer she just bought. Put it together and as soon as I started to shampoo the carpets, it had an awful burning smell. First I thought we maybe I assembled it wrong or left something on there I shouldn't have. Double checked everything and it was all in the right place. Dad decided it was fine since it had a heating system in it and thought it was a normal smell for the first time being used. Well we knew better than that and he should have listened. He tried it out to prove us wrong. Little did he know the first strip of carpet he did, it left a LONG black streak! The carpets are very new, but luckily I think we're able to get it all out. Lets just hope!

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