Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

- For sure this time, we are getting closer and closer to our house. The current homeowners are finishing up last minute details on their new house, so hopefully we will be able to sign papers in two weeks. The downside is Christmas is right around the corner and we may have to move that week or weekend! :(

- I've posted earlier about switching coffee tables. Well a couple of weeks ago Mom and I stopped in the furniture store so I could show her our furniture we ordered. The coffee table seemed to be too big and showed scratches really easy. I was very disappointed. We've been looking and there just isn't much out there right now for tables. At least we can do without until we find something we love.

- I'm leaning more towards the lighter rug. After doing some thinking I realized it would go more with my antique hutch that has to go in the living room. And thanks to a friend for email me great reviews of her rug who has the same one! I may end up dragging Mike into Lowe's so he can see the two and make the decision for me.

- Work has been so hectic, but the overtime has been very nice on my paychecks! :)

- I've gotten all my Christmas shopping done except for my secret Santa gift for Mike's family Christmas.

- One thing I won't miss when I move is the wood stove and filling it up 3 times a day. I think dad is enjoying it while he can!


  1. Your Mom is enjoying that, also. I heard you putting wood in the furnace before you left for work. Good job!!!!!!

  2. Yep I filled it full. I never gave it a thought, but that will become your job before you leave for work in the mornings when I'm gone. Ha ha


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