Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I need your help in deciding which rug I should choose. Back in August I purchased this multi colored rug at Lowes.

I really like it, but I'm afraid it's too much of a statement piece for us. You're probably thinking geez April it's just a rug... but it's a rug I will have to look at everyday!

Yesterday I purchased a couple of door mats at Lowe's and stumbled across a very soft shaggy rug. It is similar to the picture below. I was unable to located the exact one online. The color is the same but with a light tan color added to it. So it's an off white and tan in four large squares. The colors are so similar that you can't notice the difference right off the bat. Plus it's about $20 cheaper.

I love the way this shag feels and it's not too much of a shag to where it will be hard to vacuum. Although it is a light color and will show dirt more. Plus the multi rug does have all colors I want in my living room.

So I'm asking for your honest opinion! Do you prefer the multi or the light shag? I'm not sure how to post a poll directly in this post. So therefore my poll is to the right of my blog page or you can just leave you comment on this post. Thank you so much for you help!


  1. I like the first one the best and I think it would look great with your new furniture too.

  2. I like the multi color one the best!!! I think it will look great!!

  3. I like the muli color one the best! But either one will work great! You have a good sense of style!

  4. I vote the multi color also... either will work, but the multi really pops.


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