Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

Well Mike and I are getting closer to moving into our house. We're still uncertain of an exact time line whether it's the beginning, middle or end of November. Fortunately since I've been living in the basement at my parents house for almost 6 years now, I have the basic cooking items. So that helps out a lot with the buying process of our house of what we need.

Here is a list of wants or needs left to go in making our house a home! ;)
1. Deep Freezer - Can wait on purchasing one, but it will become a need since we are butchering our own beef this winter.
2. Paint - Plan to buy that very soon, it's definitely a want but in my opinion also a need to make our house personalized just for us. Plan to paint the living room, master bedroom and main bathroom.
3. Vacuum - It will become a need, but something we can live without if we have to for awhile. May end up borrowing one if it comes down to it, we will only have the two bedrooms and area rug in the living room to vacuum.
4. Insurance for the house - Most definitely a need, plan to have this in progress by the end of this month.
5. Storage bins - I am obsessed with them in keeping everything organized. I would like at least two more before we move - perhaps a need and would love to purchase storage totes for my closet - a want.
6. Part of making our house ours, we are thinking about replacing the lights over the island in the kitchen. Again this is a want and something that doesn't have to be bought now. Best of all I've found the lighting at Lowe's, finally something my taste likes and so does my pocket. So they're not expensive to replace the old lights.

That's all for now... I could spend all day writing down my wants for the house but my check book is telling me to stop at #6. :)

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  1. It will be here before you know it! I am so happy for the two of you!


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