Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

My whole weekend pretty well consisted of the same thing - working at Iron Works in St. James. Every year my whole family goes to help with our molasses making. It still seizes to amaze me at how people think it's so neat and can stand there for hours just staring at the cane juice cooking. I guess since I am used to it, it's old news to me.

I did the usual of pouring the hot molasses into the jars whereas mom dealt with the customers and taking the money. People always asks the same question, "Why don't you have molasses already made up to sell?". Well let me tell you if we could, we most certainly would. We never seem to make enough. As soon as one batch is poured it's all sold within minutes if not seconds.

It's a very LONG process especially for my dad, brothers and other workers who have to strip each sugar cane by hand with a machete, the cane then gets squeezed into our press which is powered by our mules pulling a sweet pole, and then to spend several hours over the hot pan filled with sugar cane cooking down to make molasses. We made about 14-16 batches of molasses over the weekend.

It was a good family weekend spent creating new memories with my grandma and grandpa Feeler. As we all cherish it every year!

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