Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Recap / Week Ahead

Saturday I picked up my friend, Malinda before heading to the wedding for Kara and Aaron. The wedding was a beautiful. Once again another great wedding weekend of catching up with everyone I don't regularly get to see.

Sunday dad and I got stuck in a movie, Man of Fire starring Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. It was too good of a movie, lasted three hours which meant our "productive day" was put on hold. Even though we have DVR, it was too intense to leave the screen. Afterward I mowed the yard, a little excited that this could be the last time mowing for the year or perhaps EVER. :) But I was quickly informed that I am more than welcome to mow after work next year each week. For those of you who know my mom knows she is sort of banned from mowing - from hitting stobs to catching our last mower on fire last year with the leaves. Sorry mom you know I couldn't resist tattling on you! :) For supper dad BBQ-ed pork steaks and mom fixed potato salad, deviled eggs and spinach since we were out of the traditional BBQ side dish - baked beans!

Tonight - Going to my aunt Judy's for pizza, cake and ice cream for my cousin Ashlyne's 14th birthday.

Tuesday - No plans. Had debated on setting out my fall decor. I'm leaning more towards opting out since it's packed away for the move.

Wednesday - My night class begins.

Thursday - No plans.

Friday - Most likely St. Elizabeth since I believe Mike bowls.

Saturday & Sunday - Working at Iron Works in St. James with our molasses making.


  1. You were the perfect date! I had a blast hanging out with you!

  2. Since you have no plans on Tuesday you could keep me company while Blake plays his last game of soccer :)
    Sounds like you will be mowing next year as well since your mom is banned from the mower.

  3. I'd forgotten about the lawn mower catching on fire!! No wonder Dwayne doesn't want me on the new John Deere Mower!!


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