Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Friday Mike and I headed to the Maries County Fair for the truck and tractor pull.

Saturday we got up early for our 2nd annual jon boat float trip on the Osage. I figured it would be cold on the river so I prepared myself if it got chilly by bringing a hoodie and pants. Luckily the weather warmed up enough and ended up being the perfect day for a float. Not too hot and not too cold. Had about 6 jon boats with 15 people. Mike's cousin Matthew and brother Steven along with their friend Justin kept us all entertained. Thank goodness they were in a separate boat since it was flipped about three times. Ended the evening going to Trevor and Emily's for a BBQ. I couldn't believe how cold it was, felt like Fall weather!

Sunday I headed home and went to church with mom. After church I headed to my grandma and grandpa Feelers for dinner. We had grandma's famous meatloaf with mashed potatoes & gravy. Afterward I headed back to St. Elizabeth to Mike's uncles house where they had a family meal consisting of chicken, cheesy potatoes, and other side dishes. That evening we went to Randy and Elizabeth's to watch the race.

Monday I came home early to get a start on my to-do list. Ended up mowing for 3 hours, I think mom and dads yard keeps getting bigger and bigger all the time. Was going to push mow the fence row since the weeds are getting ridiculous under the fence, but couldn't get it to start. It was also time to take the pool down. It wasn't too much bitter sweet since we haven't been using it the past month or so. Our concrete on our basketball court had settled during the middle of summer causing the pool to lean too much and dumping about a foot or two of water out of it. Only allowing a little under 3 feet to stay in. Got my basement cleaned, dishes and laundry finished. Mike and I ended the evening watching the Bachelor Pad.

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