Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

- My birthday is in 11 days. It's a great honor to share my birthday every year with my Mrs. Wonderful (grandma Maxine Feeler). A good excuse to bring our whole family together for a big Sunday dinner.

- Friday night the men's league starts up for Mike. Due to another team joining, their games will most likely start at 9pm on Fridays. Going to make for a long late nights.

- Speaking of those long late nights, this is where our house would come in handy once we are moved in. I can walked a block or so and be home when I am done watching them bowl instead of waiting until they are finished.

- Sometimes I really wish I had a sister. I know in the future I will gain sister-in-laws but that isn't the same as a real sister. I would love to have that bond and constant go to person like my brothers have for each other. But I do like the "only" girl attention I get at home and on the Elrod side being the only granddaughter as well! ;)

- Today is my cousin Elizabeth's 9th birthday. She is quite the hand full. Sunday she healed us all with her healing hand. She is quite the character and knows it too. She always finds a way to make everyone laugh.

- I'm really wanting a different job, but that is very hard to come by. Everything is either the same distance I would already be driving or pays less.


  1. April - Not all sisters are lucky enough to have that "special" bond......unfortunately, I speak from experience....However, I have friends that I have sister "bonds" with, so I'm lucky in that aspect.

  2. I enjoy the sister bond that I have with my sister. We were not close for some years, but since graduating we have became very good friends!

    I am always here if you need to talk! :)


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