Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 Facts about ME

1. I will be 25 on September 19th.
This has been really bugging me since.. oh last year when I turned 24! Where does the time go!? Starting to feel really ancient, and I know I know I'm not that old. Like my mom always tells me it's better to die old than to die young. Which she is right, guess mother knows best! At least my insurance should go down so that is a plus!

2. I'm very self conscious of myself and my appearance.
I try not to be but it's in my nature and deep down I do care what people think of me with every aspect of my life.

3. I'm about 5'2 tall or short, however, you look at it.
I love that I am short although it has its downsides like finding the perfect pair of jeans that don't drag on the ground.

4. I'm a graphic designer.

It has it's perks like seeing your hard work in magazines all sleek and pretty. Downside is it doesn't seem to challenge me enough and I want a career to where I feel more challenged.

5. My baby toes barely has a toenail, literally!

I thank my grandma Feeler for this. There's a nail but it's a little hard to find.

6. My favorite food is grape salad.
You can click here to get the recipe. It's oh so good!

7. I have not one but two nephews on the "loan".
It may be years before I'm actually an aunt but for now I enjoy spending my free time spoiling Blake & Nathan. They're such a joy to be around.

8. I love shoes but when it comes to that perfect black heel I always end up wearing the pair I bought two years ago from... drum roll please... Dollar General for $3.
They are super comfortable and never hurt my feet. May have to do a future post of these heels with a picture. ;)

9. The memories I treasure the most are those spent with my grandparents.
It's a special bond that no one can break.

10. I am truly blessed and happy with my life!

I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful family and boyfriend.

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