Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Recap / Week Ahead

Friday I met Mike and his neighbor Roger to headed over to help Mike's brother Randy load up his cows and bring them back to their farm.

Saturday I headed home to get ready for a family reunion at our lake in Vichy while Mike played in the kickball tournament at St. Elizabeth. Turned out to be a good day for the reunion and I didn't take any pictures. It's a great location for it, but still doesn't feel like our traditional Lennaman (My Grandma Elrod's side of the family) reunions which for years was held at Meremec Springs.

Sunday I slept in and stayed home to watch the Allen boys. We had fun all afternoon and evening. Tried to play some outside but it was just too darn hot or at least for baby Nathan anyway.

Week ahead...
Tonight my plans include deep cleaning since I may put off mowing until Thursday since it's a scorcher outside the beginning of this week. Working inside sounds so much better on days like today.

Tuesday I am picking up Nathan after work and heading home so we can spoil him some more while his mommy and daddy take Blake for his Kindergarten orientation or whatever its called.

Wednesday - no plans

Thursday - Possible mowing day

Saturday Mike's cousin is getting married at St. Elizabeth.

Sunday I have a bridal shower to attend.

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