Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bachelor

I've been tuning in every Monday night to the Bachelor. Usually I don't watch these kind of shows but this season has me hooked. I am really hoping that Tenley ends up being his fiance in the end. She seems the most genuine and down to heart even though she just went through a divorce this past year. Last night I was blown away by Ali, she was my other choice to win. Her work forced her into an unbareable decision between work and love. Which is a hard choice to make in this economy and with a 4 to 1 chance at winning in this rose ceremony. I believe she would of made it to the final two.

The previews for next week shows Jake getting a phone from none other than..... ALI! So this had me stumped on what was to happen next. I always want the scoop even if that means spoiling the end so I did some snooping online and well I found out who gets the final rose. I won't spoil it for everyone!

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  1. OMG! I watch this every week! yeah don't tell me who wins! ahhh I can't wait until tomorrow night to watch it!


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