Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cash's 1st Christmas! ...Take 1

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas as we sure have this year!

Ready to head to grandma and grandpa Elrod's house on Christmas Eve!

"YEA, I got a sports car!"

Cash checking himself out in the mirror. 

Jabbering to Daddy!

Santa came!

He loved LOVED his horse. 

Can you tell? 

"Wow Mom and Dad! It even talks to me and wags it's tail!"

7 a.m. was a little rough to wake up after eating. 

He got so excited when opening presents. 

"Look what I got daddy!"

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  1. All of those pictures are so precious!! Looks like Mommy and Daddy were having just as much fun as Cash.
    Her certainly is a curious little boy and so intelligent. Can you tell this Grandma is really proud of him? lol


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