Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cash - Daycare

Day three and Cash is still doing great at daycare. Susie said he loves watching the kids play. Just smiles at them and babbles non stop. He's going to be a little jabber box. There is a little girl, Daisy who tells me everything as soon as I walk in the door... "Baby Cash used all three of his bottles, baby Cash peed a lot but didn't poop, burped a lot too and one time he even farted when he burped. It was soooo funny!" lol They all love "baby Cash" as they call him and watch for him in the mornings. Already making lots of buddies.

Tuesday evening he was so excited when we got him. I gave him a bath and the whole time he cooed and babbled. Like he was telling me all about his big day at daycare.

We switched formulas yet again last Friday. Cash is so much happier and only cries when he's hungry. Thank goodness! Now if we can just get him to go #2 more often then a 4-5 day span. Hopefully this is the formula we will be able to stick with.

Little guy has officially outgrown his newborn clothes, but still too little for the 3 months size. Poor guy was 25% with his weight and 90% with his head. lol

Cash has also been sleeping almost through the night. Usually goes to bed around 8:30-9 then wakes up around 4:30-5 to eat and falls back asleep until I wake him up around 6:30. So I can't complain. Knock on wood this sleeping trend continues.


  1. Yay glad he's liking daycare!!! That little girl sounds cute and Im sure excites her to get to feel speical to tell baby Cash's mommy how his day was.
    Hope the sleeping thru the night continues I remember those days all to well........ The change to daycare and all the excitment may be wearing him out to sleep better.


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