Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Anniversary

Mike and I celebrate our first anniversary on Sunday. Hard to believe a year has already flown by, yet it also seems like it's been longer than a year at the same time.

We kicked off the weekend celebrating two friends getting married, Josh & Lindsey Evers. They had a gorgeous wedding day. It was hot, but not too bad.  Had lots of people predict we were having a girl.

Sunday Mike and I ate at Red Lobster then bought groceries. Real exciting, huh? Guess we're already that old married couple. :) I was pretty miserable with my swelling since it never went down from Saturday and it kept getting worse, so it was a quick trip to Jeff followed by a shake from Sonic on the way home.

Tomorrow kicks off my weekly appointments. Just five more weeks and we will be meeting our little girl/boy.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hard to believe its been a year already! And only a few more weeks until you meet your baby. I can't wait to come see him/her, the boys are excited as well! Blake still remembers you taking him to meet his baby brother for the first time.


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