Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flood Damage

It makes you sick to your stomach seeing all the flood damage here in Miller County. Especially when news stations talk about how pretty and such a rare occasion to see when the Bagnell Dam released all that water. Mike's family lost a lot of corn. Some area farmers lost several hay bales and cows. Should have taken a picture to the left of the field in the first few pictures of the hill/bluff. You could see how high the water had got, probably 10-12 feet high and this was just from a creek.

Here's a few pictures of their farm and surrounding areas on the county roads that connects to theirs.

Lower bottom of the field behind Mike's mom and dads house. 

Another field of theirs on down the road at their old homestead.

The was a little creek and it's 'was' on the left side of the road. As you can see we couldn't cross it and only could if we had a four wheeler. 

Same area.. you can't tell but there was a huge drop off, maybe 5 feet. 

Looking back at the same area. 

Huge hole in a field along Hwy 52 at the Blue Hole bridge. 

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