Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Communion

I've been so wrapped up with the baby coming that I completely forgot about having pictures of my first communion. Never even looked at them until a couple days ago when I came across the CD from the church. Oops!

I had started the beginning of my second trimester as a Catholic. I always thought growing up and even up until I met Mike that Catholics believed differently than what I was used to, like more into the saints and not God himself. I was completely wrong! So glad I was wrong and my little family can be the same religion. St. Elizabeth is such a wonderful community and I'm glad I got the opportunity to know Fr. Ben more. I actually miss our weekly classes just to hear him talk and tell his jokes or stories about Nigeria. I had also grown up thinking I would never leave Vienna nor the area. I'm happy to know there is other communities just as welcoming like I've always been here my whole life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now if little Holtmeyer would cooperate so mommy can actually enjoy church, listen to the message and not feel like I'm going to pass out every time. Apparently the little stinker ALWAYS lays wrong as soon as I get to church for the past 2 months to where I am super clammy, fanning myself to cool down when I know it's cold in there, and feeling the need to pass out even while sitting. Mike had told me to just stay home and not go to church. I can't just not go to church until after the baby gets here. lol I had told Dr. Su what Mike said, she laughed and laughed. She said I had one funny husband.

Going to church was one definite promise I made to God. That I would go to church more frequently than I ever had before if he blessed me with a child. Wasn't too long after those prayers that we found out we were expecting. God works in mysterious ways and answered my prayers. Now I need to do my part and attend more... so this little one needs to get the hint!!  :)

Mike looks so thrilled. lol 

Receiving my first communion.

Drinking the wine, although I didn't even get a taste.  I kept tipping it up and thought I may as well quit... didn't want to appear like a lush especially while being preggo. :) 

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  1. We are so happy for you and love the community you've chosen as home. They have all welcomed your Dad and I as if we've always belonged.


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