Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Stopped at Walmart after work which was a nightmare! Never. Again. Stayed home the rest of the evening to get a few things done around the house. A lot of little things have piled up over the past few weeks with wedding and gifts.

Headed into Vienna to change my name on my bank accounts. Came home and started tackling our bill cabinet. Last week I bought a filing cabinet for all our bills, misc. papers. I love being organized, not to mention I now have a free cabinet in my kitchen to store wedding kitchen items. Headed to Mike's mom and dads to show his mom our honeymoon pictures before she left for church. Then drove down the road where Mike's dad was combining. He asked if his new daughter-in-law wanted a ride, I opt out. Seemed pretty dusty and I was just getting over allergies. I just sat and watched him finish along with Mike and neighbor, Roger. Once he was done we all headed back to the house to load the corn in the grain bin. Love watching the farming process.

Later that evening, Mike and Randy were mowing/weed eating and Kylie stayed with me. We had so much fun. She's going to be a good little ball player. I'm not the greatest at throwing and she still hit more than half of what I threw her. Randy grilled brats and hotdogs for all of us. Was a nice evening enjoying the outside even though it got rather cold out. I think we just may need to invest in a fire pit! :)

Went to church with Mike and Jr. After church I made my dishes then we headed off. Dropped our wedding backdrop off at a friends house before heading to my mom and dads for grandma and I's birthday dinner. 
This picture cracks me up with grandma's expression on her face.
As we were about to leave a neighbors girl came running over for us to help her brother. He had a dog chain collar wrapped around his neck. The way she described it, we thought he was literally choking to death because it was so tight. Thankfully when we got over there it wasn't tight, he was just panicking because they couldn't get it off his head. Which it may have loosened up more by the time we got there. He was autistic so his sister tried to keep him calm while Mike removed the chain off his head. Came off within a couple of minutes of trying. That evening I fixed chili for supper. Love the Fall weather coming in for soups and chili!

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