Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Day 1
Our first day on our honeymoon was a very rocky one. I was so sick from sinus/allergies and couldn't wait to be at our resort that afternoon. As we left St. Louis, about 20 minutes into our flight the pilot announced a generator had quit and we were currently running on just one instead of two, which he stated very clearly was illegal. I was thinking this is just great, we're going to crash. Luckily we were 15 minutes away from Nashville. Seemed easy enough. Arrived in Nashville with no problems until we got in line to change our flights. There was nothing available for us. It was very hard for everyone on our flight to see the gate next to us, was indeed a flight heading to Atlanta, our intended destination before Jamaica. Way to rub it in, Delta. Had had to wait until around noon for another plane to fly in from St. Louis to bring us to Atlanta. Seemed like not too bad of a wait, but we would miss our scheduled flight to Jamaica. We couldn't complain too much as two other couples we talked to couldn't leave for their destination trip until Tuesday. They were very upset to say the least and couldn't get a refund for it. To our knowledge there was at least 5 newlywed couples including us who all got married on the same day and all different destinations within Jamaica and Mexico.

We finally arrived in Atlanta and had about two hours before we had yet another layover in Miami. Had lunch and was trying to make the best of it. I was so glad I brought medicine in case my allergies kicked into full gear. I had been fighting with it the week of the wedding. Just glad I was sick on the honeymoon verses the wedding. By this time, every flight I always looked around thinking I was going to get stuck on a lost island with these people like the show Lost. A couple looked like doctors so we were good to go. lol Miami was a whole other story.

I hated the Miami airport. I felt so lost in my own country. We felt like immigrants and was treated like one as well. They made us go through security/baggage check again, which we shouldn't of had to do since we did so in St. Louis. Luckily we found one nice employee and begged her to let us cut in line since our flight was scheduled to board the plane in 10 minutes. Hence, we were on the other side of the airport. Unlike the other airports, Miami only allows you one Ziploc like bag for liquids so we had to throw away a lot of products. I was so mad and even spoke up to the lady that if we had a bigger bag, we could have kept our stuff which she quickly replied very rudely that yes ONE bag per person. Okay, not too big of a deal. I did have double of everything so I was willing to suck it up. Not like I had a choice in the matter. We literally ran to the shuttle to take us to the gate and barely made it in time. I thought I was going to pass out and just wanted to lay on the cold tile floor, but all that kept running through my head is we HAVE to make our flight, we cannot survive here. Literally. I didn't feel safe there at all and I was the only white girl with blonde hair that I saw, no joke. I was so glad first timer, Mike was able to navigate us and figure out where we needed to be since I couldn't. He was a trooper!

Bye Bye Miami!
As our plane was preparing to head to the lane to leave, it died. I thought to myself you've got to be kidding. The pilot informed us that was normal that with this plane when they shut off the air conditioning, it dies. Not something you want to hear from an airplane and an airplane going overseas. Not to mention once we took off my seat went back, it wouldn't stay latched so I was holding on for dear life, sneezing every five seconds while the Amsterdam guy sitting next to me looked like I had a disease of some sort. I prayed to myself over and over and let God know I was leaving it all in his hands and trusting him. All that kept going through my head was Carrie Underwood's song, Jesus Take the Wheel and the song, He's Got the Whole World In His Hands which made me chuckle a little since it wasn't a more serious song with the situation at hand. That was all that was coming to mind at that moment and perhaps a much needed chuckle to get my mind off of things. We finally arrived to our destination, Jamaica around 9 pm. We were exhausted and going on an hour of sleep since we left that morning around 12:30.

Day 2
Slept in. Woke up to a stopped up nose, but at least I could see and wasn't sneezing every 30 minutes or so like Day 1 and feeling much better. Ate breakfast, browse the resort and lounged on the beach. We rode a three wheeler-like boat on the water. It was fun, but a lot of work since we were working against the wind to peddle. At last we could relax without a worry in the world besides where we were going to eat next.

Enjoying our resorts own private island, Cay.

Day 3
Ate breakfast. We loved the buffet breakfast every morning. I could go for some fresh pineapple juice right now with french toast, cantaloupe and pineapples. Yum! Mike on the other hand loaded up every morning with waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, hash browns and french toast. That boy can eat! Lounged on the beach. Ate at the Mariner along the beach. Loved their food, they had the best hamburgers. There was always black birds waiting and eying everyone's food. Within seconds of someone leaving their plate they were on a mission to steal food. It was like clock work every time. We had a photo shoot scheduled for 1. I think we picked the hottest day and windiest to say the least. Which you can tell by our pictures. I will have to post some of those pictures another time. We have 25 pictures out of the 84 he took. All week there wasn't much of a pretty sunset since it was usually cloudy in the evenings so we didn't feel we missed out by moving our apt to a later time. Although it would have been a cooler one. Had dinner at The Cricketers where Mike could get his manly steak and taters.

At The Cricketers Pub. The waiters were constantly joking with all of us and goofing off. They definitely loved their jobs.

Day 4 
Excursion Day. We decided to just do two excursions in one day, they were across the street from each other so it made sense. Rode on the bus for over an hour to Ocho Rios. Saw a lot of Jamaican life along the way. No pictures of that since I just had my water camera with me. Every time you saw a church, there was a bar and even a beer distribution by one church. The tour guide, Anita said that was a common thing. The women and children went to church where the men spent church time in a bar. Sad way of life.

First stop was at Dunn River Falls. It was so much fun! Highly recommend going. They do move you fast so you feel like one wrong step could send you to possibly break your back or neck. Pictures are on my water camera so I will have to wait to post those on another day as well. Mike freaked out when we got on the bus that we had to tip the tour guide who was waiting outside our bus. I didn't want to since we only had 20s and I forgot to grab smaller bills before we left our hotel room. He was panicking that they wouldn't let us leave until he got paid. I knew that wasn't the case, but he insisted. Calmed Mike's nerves and mine were shot that we just gave someone a $20 tip. Oh boy!

Second stop was swimming with the dolphins!!! Had lunch and watched the sharks perform before it was our turn. Arie was our dolphin. He was so much fun and loved showing off. Everyone in our group got to go for a ride, touch him as he swam by numerous times and gave him a kiss and he gave us one on the cheek. Highly recommend this as well. Mike wanted to get the DVD of our group to show our niece, Kylie. They wanted $60-80 for it. No thank you so we settled for one picture of each of us with Arie which was $13 a piece. Sucks since the video was really neat, starting to regret not getting it even though it was high. 

Had dinner at a more nicer restaurant, The Regency. Food was awesome and Mike's steak that was cooked in a wine sauce melted in your mouth.

Mike's steak dinner.

 Day 5
Had breakfast delivered to the room which you didn't get as many options that way. Lounged on the beach for most of the day and browsed the resort. That evening was Jamaican night. I so wished I would have took picture. It was buffet style on the beach with a DJ. Surf boards filled with salads and side dishes. Several meat stations like BBQ ribs and chicken cut to your choice/liking.

Day 6
Enjoyed the resort and our last full day in Jamaica. Ate. Swam. Tanned. Swam. Ate. Mike got tips from a couple of married men (one married for 30 years and the other for 15) on how to make a marriage work: let the woman wear the pants in the family and she is always right no matter what. I liked them! :) Had our last dinner at The Regency again.
Mike enjoying the drink, The Plantation that was a special of the day at the restaurant.
Day 7
Time to head home. Finished our morning eating our usual breakfast before heading out to the airport. Our flight to Atlanta was so much nicer. We had our own TVs where I watched the Hunger Games and Mike was able to watch his NASCAR and Football. On our flight to St. Louis there was a couple on there from our very first flight from St. Louis to Nashville. Glad they enjoyed their honeymoon since they were ones who had to stay the night on Day 1 before heading to their destination trip. By midnight we were finally home at last! YEA MON!!!

Sorry for such a long post. I wanted to document everything before I forgot. :)


  1. It's not really funny, but I found myself laughing at your flying adventures!! What a day you had. Glad all went well.
    Happy you had a good trip (and Mike got to eat to his heart's content... lol)

  2. I can finally laugh about it now. At the time I was ready to just go straight home. lol

  3. We also hated the Miami airport & felt the same way about it. We thought we were already in a foreign country. It was being remodeled 5 years ago & was dirty as well.


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