Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

A nice quiet evening at home. Nothing planned which I loved!

I ended up canceling our pictures due to the rain. Of course, after an hour it started clearing up. lol Just our luck! Did some much needed cleaning around the house. That evening Mike and I headed with Aaron, Andrea, Randy and Elizabeth to Columbia. Stopped at Bass Pro before heading over to eat at Flat Branch Pub & Brewing. Everyone's food was good except mine. I decided to try something out of my comfort zone and went with Smoked Salmon Pasta. It tasted like a hotdog. It wasn't too bad, it was good for a hotdog anyway! lol Wasn't ready to go home just yet so we stopped at Jeff City to go to the downtown bars. We knew quite a few people at J. Pfennys. It was a little awkward not knowing how to act or anything around a girl who just lost a sweet baby girl. But at least she was in good spirits and enjoying some girl time with friends. Ended up being too packed for us so we headed to the new Spectators where we played darts for awhile then over to Bones to listen to the live music out on the patio. Took a little detour on our way home to see a house of some people we know. All I can say is WOW! We just did a drive by. Even have a pool house, it's probably the size of my house. lol It was nice to get out of our little St. E environment for the night. Was home and in bed by 11! Can you say getting old? lol

I wasn't feeling the greatest so I skipped church. I think between stress and allergies, my body had enough. Went to Mike's mom and dads for dinner. Mike's uncle Lawerence lost his wife to cancer last year so he is usually there on weekends in time for a home cooked meal. He's became a regular for family dinners. That afternoon I headed over to Argyle for a friend's bridal shower. Made Parmesan chicken for supper and stayed warm the rest of the evening on such a cold, wet dreary day.


  1. One of my friends/co-workers was in the band that played at Bones on Saturday night!!! Bobby Showers. I've went and saw him several times, I think they're good!

  2. They were good! We would have stayed longer to listen to them, but it was getting very windy/cold.

  3. Smoked Salmon-yum. pasta-yum. Smoked Salmon Pasta does not sound like a winning combo.

  4. Was the girl Abby? I was wondering how their little girl was doing. So sad.

    At least u tried something different! I still always get the same thing at applebees- chicken faijta roll-up! LOL

  5. Yea she passed away almost a month to the day. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain they are going through.

  6. Goodness.. I can't imagine either. That would be the hardest thing :(


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