Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I stopped in to visit with grandma and grandpa. Grandma's last living sibling passed away last week. Hard to see your grandma in so much pain, but I am very grateful she she is the last one living in her family. Before heading home I stopped at mom and dads to get mushrooms. For once, dad didn't cook them for me. lol This never happens, he is the mushroom cook in the family so he sent them along with me clean and in a baggy. Mike went to keep score at the bowling alley so I stayed home to do a little cleaning and laundry. I was just about to go to bed, when I hear knocking, banging, pounding, etc at the back door. It was Joeseph (Mike's sister, Lisa's boyfriend and yep, his name is spelled with an extra "e"). He was insisting I get out of the house and go with him to meet Lisa. He was very persuasive, but I opt out. lol

I tried to sleep in since I had nothing planned. Didn't happen. I was up at 7. Mike and Randy had unplugged the deep freeze the day before in our shed so I could clean it out. It smelled horrible and there was LOTS of blood to get out. Used way too much bleach, but at least we have a clean sanitized freezer! lol Last Summer I started painting my garage so I had all intentions of finishing it. Well the paint was no longer good, so much for that idea. So instead I swept the basement floor. This hasn't been done since we moved in so it was very filthy.

Mike came home later from working on their farm. We headed to get the four wheeler and took it for a ride making a circle on the county roads by his parents house. Ended up at Alphonse's house and stayed for 2 hours. He's always a talker and of course his wife, Brenda had lots of wedding questions to ask me since their daughter just got engaged last week. After we left we headed to a fish fry where Mike's dad was cooking. We were both not ready to go home so we ended up stopping at Mike's mom and dads to mow their grass. I took the lawn mower while Mike used the weed eater. Mike's dad planted wheat this year where their garden was located at. Mike never said anything about not mowing it so I did. lol Wasn't suppose to but his dad didn't care just glad I mowed it for them. Came home and I fried up the mushrooms while Mike cooked some t-bones. Not the healthiest of meals, but it was sure tasty and I got my yearly fix on fried mushrooms. :)

I didn't end up going to church with Mike. Mike washed all our vehicles at the car wash including his moms. I stayed back to clean Mike's garage. It was still too nice to stay at home so we headed to Jr's lake to fish. Didn't have very good luck of any keepers. A friend of Mike and Randy's, Lonnie came down to kill some time as well. Ended up taking his Jeep for a spin to look at the river and just for a nice Sunday drive. I was covered head to toe in dust from the gravel roads. lol Came home and took a much needed shower then it hit me. I felt like crap with my sinus, allergies, or whatever it was. Guess I shouldn't have went for that Sunday dust drive after all. Had the windows open all weekend as well so I'm sure that played a role into my allergies. So needless to say we shut the windows and turned the air on. I was trying to not turn it on until May unless the weather reached 90 or so. After dealing with this crap for the past month or so, the air is staying on. :/

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