Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...I've finally got used to the new blogger and love it. The first time I tried it a few months back I was in a hurry with getting a post done and the new interface was frustrating me and I just didn't have the time to figure it out. I like how you can now make a picture bigger after you upload it and you can browse and upload pictures you've used before on your blog.

...I am the world's worst for getting up in the morning. I have the alarm set on my phone which that time is ten minutes faster and another alarm on my nightstand which is the correct time. Both are set to go off an hour before I have to get up. I press the snooze on both of them for that long. lol Pathetic I know. And yet, I manage to get up on the weekend around 7 with no problem and no alarm.

...Hoping the rain holds off on Friday so we can finish up our pictures in Westphalia with Christina. Plus I'm looking forward to a day off even though I took a non paid day. But if it rains I will come to work. :( I think? lol I sure could sure a break from this place.

...Mike has discovered the love for snaps. I bought him two snap shirts for pictures. He never knew they existed until now. Oh he lived such a shelter life! Ha!

...Loving the weather the past few weeks. I like it when it's slightly chilly and when I get in my car it's all nice and toasty from the sun shining in. No need for air or heat to be on. :)


  1. Snap shirts, tacos, chicken/asparagus lasgna, my how you are corrupting Mike!! lol

  2. Waiting paitently for you to update your blog today :) .. LOL- just kidding, I know work can be busy sometimes :) .. just had to let you know someone was missing your blog!!


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