Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...every once in awhile I keep upgrading to the new look on blog, but I hate it. So back to the old version for me yet again. Does any else like or hate the new layout?

...I believe (knock on wood) that I have no set in stone plans this weekend. Such a great feeling! Feeling the need to tackle some do-to's on the house list, for once not the wedding. :)

...Work has been super hectic. I hate it when other people feel the need to take on more work than they can handle just to impress higher up people. And guess who the majority of the work falls on... this girl. Sigh. Story of my work life.

...So far I have had NO luck in finding a place that will take my vision insurance. It's getting very frustrating and making me wonder why I even have insurance to begin with! Guess it could be worse...

...I have been on a huge juice kick lately. So much that it doesn't make me really crave or want a soda that much. I probably drink 1-2 a week now and that's just when I'm at mom and dads. lol

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