Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just when I think it's me...

I snapped this picture to show my mom how something must have gotten to them or I did something to them when I was cleaning the flower bed out a few days before. Well little did I know, something did indeed get to them...

I knew something just didn't seem right Friday evening, but didn't think nothing more about it since we were busy with the boys. These little vines or flowers or whatever you called them spread like wild fire. I'm sure my mom will correct my lack of flower knowledge. I am always plucking a bunch out every month in the warm seasons so it doesn't start to take over my yard. With that said, these vines are impossible to kill. I mentioned it to Mike on Monday when we were going to see Jr's gator. With his response I knew right away I was talking with the culprit. He thought they were weeds when he was weed eating. Goof!

For the rest of the flower bed, I am surprised a few of the tulips I planted last fall made it. The ground there is extremely hard so they weren't planted very good.

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  1. lol
    Just take the extra clumps of the flower vine and drop them on the side of the shed or edge of the yard in the bare spots-brand new green ground coverage.
    I'll have to talk to Mike about the weed eating of my vines.......... lol


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