Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

...I am loving the fact that our heat is shut off. Will save us a bunch on propane!

...This weekend is Blake and Nathan weekend! Thanks to Sarah for pinning the movie drive-in idea on Pinterest, we now have something 'new' to do once it's dark out.

...Another thank you to a fellow blogger, Courtney for suggesting awhile back about I think I found my wedding shoes and a couple of dresses really cheap on there for my showers and weddings I am attending this year. One dress is a Jessica Simpson with a price tag $138 and I paid $30+ (can't remember the exact price). Plus it's FREE shipping! Can't beat that. It's very well made.

...Spent way too much money this week for decorations for a 'special' table at the wedding. But these items will be displayed in my home after the wedding so at least it will be seen for years to come. Excited for certain loved ones to see this table! :)

...I spray painted our ugly gold door knobs with the hammered paint when we bought the house. So I've been gradually buying new (very slow at doing this) and recently bought one for our basement. I will be so glad to get it installed before the weekend knowing it's locked with a key. The door opens inward to the steps and it would be very easy for anyone especially a child to go tumbling down.

...Is it bad that I worry my house will burn, tornado will get it or something and all I am concerned about is how we can't replace some of the items we already bought for the wedding? LOL I worry and fret way too much!! Maybe the bank will let me rent part of their vault (kidding). Ha, like that will fly over well.

...I am loving the Walmart brand of vanilla yogurt.

...I think I am finally done with our wedding registries. I actually started them back in December. lol Didn't want to be a procrastinator in case anyone wants to order early like I do when it comes to gifts.


  1. You will have to let me know how the drive-in thing goes! You will have to make you one too :)

    Where all are you guys registered?!

  2. I have a feeling they may look at me like I'm retarded with the box cars. lol

    We're registered at Target, Pampered Chef and Bed, Bath and Beyond. The main one is Target. I should have just left it as just one registry. Oh well. lol

  3. Nathan will love the cars and Blake will to! But you better make sure you and Mike each have a car to sit in too!

    Yay now I know where your registered so I can start searching for the perfect gift.....

    By the way the boys are both asking when they get to see their April!


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