Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding buys

This is the wedding prop I posted about a few weeks back from Etsy. I love it! My dress will be hanging on it and possibly in my living room window with the church in the background.

I stumbled across this yard sign a few weeks after I got engaged at Stage/Goodys on sale. Can't beat a sale! Planning to stick this thing in the ground wedding day morning. If money doesn't get in the way, I will make a wreath to hang that morning as well in the wedding colors/theme.

This was a splurge buy and a certain little miss thinking she should be tall on her wedding day. Ha! 5.5 inches tall was too much for this short thing. I was shocked at how comfortable they were, but they were too tall obviously. So back to the store they go! I was even slightly taller than my dad or the same height. I think he felt a little intimidated. lol

Enough with the wedding sneak peeks. Have a happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Oh, just have your brothers take a saw and level off the bottoms of the shoes and then cut the heels to the right height. lol

  2. Love the shoes but yes I would feel the same way with them being to tall and the hanger super cute. Now you have me wanting to check out that website for shoes and dresses. I need to start browsing for a dress for someones special day :)


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